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Web Designing Course

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100% Job Guaranteed Web Designing Course in Pune

Every business today has a website of its own. It has become a necessity for people to have their websites to do business globally. Reaching out to the masses in the easiest way is through websites. Web Designing Institutes in Pune are in abundance. Then how is ECTI different from them? Well its simple, we update our syllabus every 3 months. Yes!! We take utmost pride to say that the syllabus we have for web designing is the most updated in terms of market trends. Mobile friendly websites are a boom in the industry today. Learn how to make those and how to create a website in 2 days with this course.

Additionally, this is a 100% job guaranteed course. Which means, we give you job after the course is complete (sometimes even when the course is ongoing). If we fail to do so, we give you your money back. YES!! 100% Money back guarantee on stamp paper

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Topics covered in Web Designing Course:

  1. Prototyping Visualizing a website, Defining the basic elements of a website on paper, Considering User Friendliness, Mobile friendliness.
  2. Wire Framing A wireframe is a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a website. It has three main components: information design, navigation design, and interface design. It is also known as a page schematic or screen blueprint.
  3. HTML / HTML5 HTML5 / HTML5: Introduction to HTML and learn about HTML entities, Events in HTML, Whitespace & comments, Block & Inline tags, Image & Text, Introduction to HTML5, Elements in HTML5, Tags & Attributes in HTML5, HTML references, HTML forms.
  4. CSS / CSS3 CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Detailed introduction on CSS and will learn about Syntax, Rules, Fonts, all the Fundamentals and References of CSS. You will also learn CSS3 in which you will have its introduction, properties and browser support.
  5. Responsive Web Designing What is responsive? Why is it important? Benefits, need, limitations, Media Queries
  6. Bootstrap Overview, Grid system, Typography, Code, Tables, Forms, Buttons, Images, Responsive utilities, Dropdowns, Buttons, Input, Nav, Breadcrumbs, Thumbnails, Alerts, Lists, Panels, Transitions, Modal, Dropdown, Tab, Popover, Alert, Button, Collapse, Carousel
  7. JavaScript Learn how to embed JavaScript in HTML headers. Creating a Dynamic HTML. Basic JS / Advance JS.
  8. jQuery Learn about jquery Syntax and jQuery Selector. Fundamentals of jQuery like event, slider, etc. and JQuery References like events, effects, selectors, etc,data validaion using jQuery.
  9. PHP Forms Basics of PHP,get,post,fetching data from a form display in Html,send form data as email.
  10. Content Management System (CMS): Introduction to WordPress
  11. Introduction to TypeScript
  12. Training Kits SEO, Graphics, Soft Skills
  13. Project
  14. Portfolio Creation
  15. Presentations and Mock Interviews

***The topics mentioned above are just the short outline of the syllabus. If you feel that we have missed any topic, you can always come to us and learn it, or just call us to confirm.

Pre-requisites to enroll for Web Designing Course:

It is a career building course. Thus, everything will be taught from basic level. You don't need to have proficiency in any programming language or any mastery in drawing & sketching.

Web designing course duration: 210 hrs.

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Web Designing Course instructor

Mr. Sumit Petkar

Mr. Sumit Petkar

Senior Trainer (UI/UX Development)

Mr. Sumit Petkar has 5 years of experience in the field of Designing with a master's hand in Web Designing and Graphics. He Manages the ECTI Website and Social Media for Envision.

Mr. Omkar Parkhi

Mr. Omkar Parkhi

Senior Trainer (Full Stack Development)

Mr. Omkar Parkhi has 3 years of experience in the field of programming with a master's hand in UI/UX Development, PHP, React Js, Angular, Mysql, MongoDB. He Manages the ECTI Website for Envision.

Mr. Hemant Bhalerao

Mr. Hemant Bhalerao

Senior Trainer (UI/UX Development)

Mr. Hemant Bhalerao master's in Web Designing and Graphics Designing and has an industrial experience of 9 years in Graphics and Web Designing along with Digital Designing.

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    Why IT training at ECTI

  • You will get complete support after completion of your course.
  • Your knowledge will be as good as one year experienced professional.
  • You get intensive, hands-on experience learning from professionals.
  • We provide in-depth demonstrations on every aspects of course topics.
  • Also we offer internship in our sister companies for talent.