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WCF WPF MVC Training

Take all three WCF WPF and MVC Coaching by ECTI in Pune Average of 4.9 out of 5 based on 51 Votes.

All the modern generation applications are build on MVC framework. It keeps the Model, View and Controller apart from each other. Which help the developer to make any changes in the application very easily. All the new generation application development requires knowledge of MVC framework.

Envision is

WCF WPF MVC Training Institute

, We designed Course module for professionals working under .NET.


  1. MVC
    • Introduction, Difference between MVC2, MVC3, MVC 4 and MVC5, Features of MVC5, Difference between MVC and ASP.NET, Software required, Creating ASP.NET MVC5 application, Templates in ASP.NET MVC5
    • Basics of model, view and controllers, Razor view engine, Difference between razor and aspx view engine, Routing Engine, Creating controllers, Action method in controllers and uses
    • Views, Razor view syntax, Model & it's types, Practical Examples, Html Helpers in MVC4, Properties or attributes of html helper, Helper types, Examples on helper
    • Data annotations & validations, creating custom html helper, Examples on creating custom html helpers, Partial views, Layout or master views
    • Caching, Cookies, Role managements
    • JSON uses in MVC5, Examples on JSON in MVC5
    • Routing
    • Ajax call in MVC5, ADO.NET in MVC5, Entity framework, LINQ Queries
    • Examples in ajax with jQuery and java script in MVC5, jQuery & javascript in MVC5
    • Data Binding and modification in MVC5, Kendo UI integration and uses in MVC5, Examples on kendo UI in MVC5, Content delivery networks, Unobtusive javascript, Asynchronous forms
    • jQuery UI, Handlers in MVC5, Filtering in MVC5, Send SMS & emails in MVC5, Model popup and validation in MVC5
  2. WCF Web Services overview, WCF introduction, Hosting, Calling WCF serives, Binding & contracts, Exceptions, Diagnostics & message patterns, Sessions & transaction, WCF security, Rest services & syndications.
  3. LinQ Introduction, Language enhancements, LinQ to Objects, SQL, datasets and XML
  4. AJAX Fundamentals, Server side AJAX, Controls, ASP.NET AJAX Control Tool Kit

    Course duration: 78 hrs.

  5. WPF Introduction, Features, Application development in WPF, WPF Architecture, Routed events in WPF, Examples on routed events, Window in WPF, Controls in WPF, Explanations and examples of properties and methods of controls in WPF, Examples of controls, Lifecycle of windows events, Methods of windows class, Transformation in WPF, Working with images in WPF, Media Elements, Layouts in WPF, Working with brush in WPF,, Data binding in WPF, Working with animations in WPF, User controls in WPF, Styling, Localization, Examples on WPF

    Course duration: 20 hrs.

We provide you an Advance.NET certification of Envision Computer Training Institute (ECTI) after your successful completion of the course, and also help you to prepare for authorized certifications.

Prerequisites for this course:

Knowledge of ASP.NET course.

***Individual modules are also taught. In case you are looking for only one or more of the above modules, remember, we are just a call away.

WCF WPF MVC Programming instructor

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Ms. Bhagyashri Kulkarni

Senior Trainer

Ms. Bhagyashri Kulkarni is associated with ECTI since 2016 and is a trainer for ASP.NET, PHP and Oracle at ECTI. She has an experience of 4 years in the field of training at reputed institutes.

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