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Diploma in Engineering Design

ECTI offers the best diploma in Engineering design with training course at the best institute in Pune Average of 4.8 out of 5 based on 578 Votes.

The Mechanical Industry today is very vulnerable. The requirement for a CAD Designer is increasing day-by-day. But the thing to look into is the CAD Tools that we work on. Majority of the companies prefer designers with the knowledge of a simple 2D Tool, a couple of 3D CAD Tools and an Analysis Tool, all at the same time. This helps the companies in developing parts and models at a faster rate and with more efficiency.

ENVISION has worked with industrial professionals to develop a all-in-one Diploma course which will guarantee to give you a niche above all others.

Along with the syllabus below, there is a program for Soft Skills and Interview Techniques designed so that the gap between industry requirements and fresher's skills is filled completely. This course adds an additional 12 hours to the entire course schedule.

Content of the diploma course:
  • Theory
    • Material & Manufacturing Process
      • Engineering Sciences
      • Materials
      • Manufacturing Processes
    • Product Tooling & Assembly Engineering
      • Product Designing
      • Process Designing
      • Equipment / Tool Designing
    • Manufacturing Systems & Operations
      • Production System Designing
      • Automated Systems and Control
    • Manufacturing Competitiveness
      • Quality
      • Continuous Improvement
      • Manufacturing Management
    • Foundations of Mathematics and Science
      • Physics, Chemistry, Bio-science, Trigonometry
      • Analytic Geometry, Calculus, Probability, Statistics
  • Design Tools
    • 2D Design: AutoCAD
    • 3D Design: Catia, SolidWorks, SolidEdge
    • Rendering: Keyshot

Process followed in Manufacturing Design:

  • Step 1: Problem Identification This step helps realise the actual requirement of the customer. The specifications, requirements, and details for the same are used at this stage to precisely determine the issue.
  • Step 2: Preliminary Ideas At this stage, the solution that was achieved at Step 1 is used to create a rough sketch of the drawing. The rough sketch gives an idea as to what the finished product is probably going to look like. Softwares like AutoCAD are used here to create the rough 2D Drawings of the product.
  • Step 3: Product Design Step 3 is used to create the final 3D Drawings from the available 2D Drawings in order to completely realise the model in virtual reality. This can be achieved using high-end 3D CAD softwares like SolidWorks, CATIA & SolidEdge.
  • Step 4: Analysis The final designed 3D model now needs to go through rigorous testing on multiple load conditions in order to prove its capabilities for the purpose that we have built the product. Any failures detected or results not being upto the mark sends the design back to the Product Design stage.
  • Step 5: Optimization Optimization is done in every manufacturing line so that the best possible product can be delivered at the best possible cost. Optimization in the designed and tested product include optimization in the material used, manufacturing cost of the material etc. This is done in order to channelize the resources in a more fruitful manner.
  • Step 6: Rendering Applying material to the final model. Applying light effects. Setting camera angles. Creating final renders of the final model. Rendering using Keyshot.
  • Step 7: Documentation Once the product is optimized and finalized, 2D Drawings of the same need to be created. This is done as there exists no system or manufacturing process which can create a product from the 3D Drawing directly. Thus, 2D Drafting is done at this stage. This is created with the help of high-end 3D CAD softwares.

Duration of

Diploma in Engineering Design Course: 280 hrs.

Who can persue this course:

Mechanical / Production / Automobile Engineers, ITI (Mechanical) etc.

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Training Instructors

We provide PTC Creo and Engineering Design course  in Pune

Mr. Vishal Kale

Senior Training Manager (CAD)

Mr. Vishal Kale has an industry experience of 9 years in the field of designing with a master hand on CAD Tools. He manages the 3rd party projects taken up by ECTI for its students.

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Mr. Mangesh Shinde

Senior Trainer (CAD)

Mr. Mangesh Shinde has been associated with Envision since 2017. He masters in Catia, Creo, Siemens NX and Electrical Wiring Harness for CAD.

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