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CATIA Training

We offer the best CATIA training course in Pune Average of 4.4 out of 5 based on 251 Votes.

What is CATIA?

CATIA is the short form of Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application. This application software is highly useful to the engineers, architects and all the folks who design machineries, structures, etc. It comprises all the three aspects: CAD, CAM and CAE.

This course is very beneficial for the engineering/ diploma students. This course is also very useful for the professionals who want to upgrade their skills. There are many CATIA training institutes in Pune, but we train in a better way. We see to it that the theory and practical sessions go alternatively and effectively. In this manner, every concept gets simplified and is explained with adequate details in our course.

Topics covered in our CATIA course:

  1. Introduction to CATIA CAD/CAM/CAE Product cycle, Parametric Technology, Introduction to CATIA Environment & Menu bar and Use of Mouse.
  2. Sketcher Workbench Creating 2D Geometry, Working on Profile Toolbar Dimensioning the Sketches, Modifying and Constructing using Operation & Transformation Toolbar. You will also learn about Applying Constraints & Constraint Definition, Animating constraint & Checking Various Mechanisms.
  3. Part Design Understanding Part Design Environment, Creating Solid Models using Sketch-Based Features, Working with Dress-Up Features, View Toolbar, Creating & Working efficiently on Reference Elements Planes and lines & points.
  4. Editing Updating Features, Transformation Features e.g. Patterning, Rotating, Advanced Modeling Techniques e.g. Boolean Operations, Annotations, Assigning Materials & Measuring Properties.
  5. Surface Design(Part 1) Creating Wireframe elements e.g. helix, splines, Curves, etc. Creating Surfaces like blended, lofted surfaces, etc. Operations on Shape Geometry e.g. Joining, splitting & trimming.
  6. Surface Design (Part 2) Advanced Task in which Surface Operations like Healing, Extracting, etc. Handling with Curves, Extrapolating surfaces, Splitting body with surface, Solidifying the surface models and Sewing Surface with Solid body.
  7. Assembly Design Creating Bottom-up Assemblies, Inserting Components, Using Smart Move tool, Applying Constraints, Creating Top-down Assemblies, Working with Subassemblies, Editing Assemblies, Simplifying Assembly, Interference Detection, Sectioning & exploding assembly.
  8. Drafting Workbench Generating Drawing View with 1st angle or 3rd angle, Using Wizard, Generating Projected, Auxiliary, Section, Detailed views, etc Using Control knob, Editing Views, Generating Dimensions, Inserting Sheets, Adding Datum, Geometric Tolerances & symbols and Generating BOM table.

*** The topics mentioned above are just the short outline of the syllabus. If you feel that we have missed any topic, you can always come to us and learn it, or just call us on to confirm it.

We provide you a CATIA certification of our Envision Computer Training Institute (ECTI) after your successful completion of the

CATIA coaching classes

, and also help you to prepare for authorized certifications.

Pre-requisites for the CATIA course:

Any Professional or Student in the field of Mechanical/Production Engineering/Diploma / ITI

Duration of CATIA course: 78 hrs.

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CATIA Training instructor

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Mr. Mangesh Shinde

Senior Trainer (CAD)

Mr. Mangesh Shinde has been associated with Envision since 2017. He masters in Catia, Creo, Siemens NX and Electrical Wiring Harness See all ECTI instructors

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