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Data structure is all about storing and organizing data using different techniques to attain efficiency. Thus, let it be any programming language, Data Structure plays a very important role.

This data structure course is suitable for all the students who are making their career in programming field and the professionals who want to brush-up their knowledge. There are many

data structure coaching institute in pune

but we train in a better way. We see to it that the theory and practical sessions go alternatively and effectively. In this manner, every concept gets simplified and is explained with adequate details in our Data Structure training sessions.

Topics covered in this course:

  1. Introduction on Data Structure Concepts of C language and go through Arrays, pointers, Recursive functions and understand the concept of Data Structure.
  2. Sorting techniques Space & time complexity and cover following algorithms of Sorting in data structure: Selection, Bubble, Insertion, Quick and Radix.
  3. Link List Implementation of Singly linked list, Doubly linked list, Circular linked list, Operations on link list - insertion, deletion, traversal and reverse, and Applications of link list.
  4. Abstract Data Type (ADT) Concept of Stack, Operations on stack, Applications of stack, Concept of Queues, Operations on queue, Priority queue, Applications on queue and Heap sort.
  5. Trees in Data Structure Concept of tree, Binary search tree, AVL Tree, Multi way trees (B-Tree, B*Tree), Red-Black tree, Operations on tree and Applications of tree.
  6. Graphs Depth First Search (DFS) and Breadth First Search (BFS), Minimal spanning tree (Kruskal's and Prim's Algorithm), Shortest path (Dijkstra's algorithm) and Topological sorting.
  7. Miscellaneous features Conversion of expression and evaluation of infix, postfix, prefix expressions. We will also cover Linear Queue, Circular Queue, Sparse matrix and Polynomial representation in detail.
  8. Standard Template Library (STL) Template classes, vector, list, Map Hash Tables, Hash function, Collision resolution and Huffman's algorithm.

*** The topics mentioned above are just the short outline of the syllabus. If you feel that we have missed any topic, you can always come to us and learn it, or just call us on +918485812611 to confirm it.

We provide you a certification of 'Data Structure in C' of our Envision Computer Training Institute (ECTI) after your successful completion of the course, and also help you to prepare for authorized certifications.

We also provide syllabus oriented Data Structure training to university students from the field of BCA, BCS, Bsc.(I.T.), BE(Computer-Science), BE(I.T.), MCA

Prerequisite for this course:

you must have good knowledge of C programming language or C++ programming language to learn Data Structure.

Course Duration: 64 hrs.

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Data Structure Course Instructor

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Mr. Rounak Samdadia

Technical Director

Mr. Rounak Samdadia has 8 years of experience in the field of programming with a master hand on Web Designing and Java. He manages the ECTI Website along with Web Projects for Envision.

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