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AngularJS Training

AngularJS Course Reviews
Envision is the best AngularJs  Corporate Training Course institute in Pune Average of 4.7 out of 5 based on 24 Votes.

angularjs live projects with classes in Pune is conducted by ECTI

AngularJS is a open source technology maintained by Google for the simplification of developing and maintaining web based application in the client side Model View Controller (MVC) architecture.

This course is designed for professionals working in the field of Web Application Development.

Syllabus of this course:

  • Introduction: Introduction, JavaScript basics, Why AngularJS? Architecture of AngularJS, Demo: Hello World!
  • Getting Started: Introduction, Creating Server, Controllers, Scope, Controllers and scope (Demo), Display repeating info, Event handling, Directives (Built in), Event directives, Other directives I, Other Directives II, Expressions, Filters, Built in filters, Custom filters, Two way binding (Demo), Validation
  • Services: Angular Services, Ways to define the services: Provider, Factory, Service, Constant and Value, Creating custom service, Asynchronous execution, Promise and Deferred, Built in Angular Services, Using $http service, Using $q service along with $http, Using $resource service, Using $anchorScroll service, Using $cacheFactory service, Using $compile service, Using $parse service, Using $locale service, Using $timeout service, Using $exceptionHandler service, Using $filter service, Using $cookieStore service, Other less common Angular services
  • Routing: Introduction to Routing, SPA (Single page application), Defining routes and default route, Angular routes, Browser history, HTML5 mode, Adding default route, Parameters in route, Using $route service, Using $routeParams service, Templates, Resolve, Using $location service
  • Directives: Use of directives, Creating customer angular directive, Isolating directive scope, Event handling with directives, Listen and respond to changes, Controllers in directives, Sharing Controllers in directives, Priority and Terminal, Using Require in Nested Directives, Transclusion, Using Compile for DOM
  • Animation: Introduction, CSS transitions and animations, JavaScript animations
  • *Database Connectivity: Connectivity of AngularJS with server-side scripts and databases using PHP/MySQL
  • Testing: Testing Controller, Testing Service, Testing Ajax Services, Testing Filters, Testing Directives

Duration of AngularJS Course: 50 hrs.

Prerequisites for this course:

Knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and HTTP is necessary.
Knowledge of JSON and MVC would be an add-on.

*People with knowledge of PHP/MySQL will taught the connectivity as backend technology is not a part of the syllabus.

AngularJS Training Instructor

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Mr. Shailendra Phadke

Senior Trainer (Web Technologies)

Mr. Shailendra Phadke has 9 years of experience in Training of .NET Framework, Web Designing & PHP Applications

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