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Machine Learning Training

Machine Learning Course Reviews
Envision is the best AngularJs  Corporate Training Course institute in Pune Average of 4.7 out of 5 based on 78 Votes.

Machine Learning live projects with classes in Pune is conducted by ECTI

Machine Learning is the field of study that gives computers the capability to learn without being explicitly programmed. ML is one of the most exciting technologies that one would have ever come across. As it is evident from the name, it gives the computer that which makes it more similar to humans: The ability to learn.

This course is designed for professionals working in the field of computers

Syllabus of this course:

  • Introduction

Duration of AngularJS Course: 40 hrs.

Prerequisites for this course:

Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and HTTP is necessary.
Knowledge of JSON and MVC would be an add-on.

Course Outcome:

After this course what you'll be able to:

  • Build real client apps with Angular on your own
  • Troubleshoot common compile-time and run-time errors
  • Write clean and maintainable code like a professional
  • Apply best practices when building Angular apps

Angular 7 Training Instructor

Job guaranteed big data hadoop and Cad cam courses in Pune

Mr. Shailendra Phadke

Senior Trainer (Web Technologies)

Mr. Shailendra Phadke has 9 years of experience in Training of .NET Framework, Web Designing & PHP Applications

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  • You will get complete support after completion of your course.
  • Your knowledge will be as good as one year experienced professional.
  • You get intensive, hands-on experience learning from professionals.
  • We provide in-depth demonstrations on every aspects of course topics.
  • Also we offer internship in our sister companies for talent.